Hearing Aids 101: Batteries, Domes & Receivers Oh My!

Troubleshooting and FAQ

I got a dome stuck in my ear. What do I do?
Don't panic. Any minute clinic, urgent care, or doctor’s office can remove the dome for you. DO NOT put a new dome on your hearing aid and attempt to wear the hearing aid.

Wax Guards
What is a wax guard?
A wax guard is a small screen-like guard designed to protect the receiver (speaker part) of your Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid from wax and moisture.

How often do wax guards need to be changed and how do I change them?
We recommend that you change your wax guards once a month. If you are prone to wax or moisture, we recommend you change your wax guards every 2 weeks. You should check during your normal care routine to see if your wax guards are becoming clogged with wax. We prefer you don't wait until the sound is muffled or the hearing aid is not working.

When you remove the wax guard stick from the packaging, you will see a white tip - this is the new wax guard. Use the opposite side, the empty side, and insert the empty side into dirty wax guard. Do not twist. Pull out to remove. Flip the wax guard stick and insert the new wax guard into your earmold or receiver. Please see the YouTube linked videos for examples/instruction.

How long do batteries last?
Hearing aid batteries last approximately 7-10 days depending on hearing aid use and battery size. For batteries size 675 (the blue batteries) you can expect 5-7 days of battery life.

Do batteries have a shelf life?
Yes! Hearing aid batteries are air activated zinc batteries. Even with the stickers still intact, the batteries are very slowly losing power. We recommend that you only use batteries with a printed expiration date greater than 2 years out.

Why do batteries have different colors?
Due to the different sizes and strengths of hearing aids, batteries of varying sizes and strengths are also required. The four sizes are associated with a color: Orange – size 13, Yellow – Size 10, Brown – Size 312, and Blue – Size 675. This allows you to easily find what battery size you need.

If I accidentally took a sticker off of a battery, can I just put it back on and save it for later?
Unfortunately, once the sticker is removed and the battery activated, it will continuously run until dead. It is recommended not to remove the sticker until the battery is ready for use.

Can I recycle my batteries?
YES! However, you will need to do some research to find a facility near you that accepts them.

How can I improve my battery life?
You can preserve battery life by opening the battery door on the hearing aid when it is not in use.

Troubleshooting Flowchart

Make sure that there is a new battery in your hearing aid and be sure it is in properly with the + side up. (If the door cannot close properly, the battery is in incorrectly).
Change your wax guard.
Make sure that the hearing aid is clean. To clean your hearing aid, use the provided cloth to wipe down the entire body of the hearing aid, then gently clean off the receiver wire, and wipe clean your earmold/dome.
If after following these steps, your hearing aid is still not working, call your audiologist.

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